Power Maxed All Purpose Cleaner (APC)

Part No: PMAPC5000

Category: Cleaning

MFR: Power Maxed


Price: £19.99*





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Power Maxed All Purpose Cleaner is a non-caustic and safe to use, multi purpose cleaner and must have product whose usefulness extends well beyond what we originally intended (interior use)

Power Maxed All Purpose Cleaner performs brilliantly as a versatile all-round cleaning product, cleaning bug splats and general grime from the exterior of any vehicle, door trims, seals, engine bays the works.

This is a heavy duty hard surface cleaner degreaser product with in built oil and grease dispersal properties. It is also ideal for cleaning walls, concrete walls, concrete floors, forecourts, vinyl and ceramic tiles. Being low foam it is highly recommended for using as an additive for industrial floor scrubber machines.