Jeep Berg Jeep Adventure Go-Kart

Part No: SKU59137554

Category: Family

MFR: Jeep

Price: £290.83*




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Berg Jeep Adventure Pedal Go-Kart - Ready for something new? The Jeep Adventure pedal Go-Kart is a unique Go-Kart with original Jeep Design. With its sturdy look and official spare tyre this all-rounder is ready for all circumstances.  Suitable for children 4-12 years old, so they can also enjoy many years of driving thanks to the adjustable seat and steering wheel. The Berg Jeep Adventure Go- Kart drives very easily due to ball bearing wheel with pneumatic tyres, and has perfect road holding thanks to swing axle. It can also be driven forwards and reverse due to BFR-hub. The Go-Kart has optimum safety thanks to an auto operating back-pedal brake and freewheel. Due to it's compact design the Jeep Adventure Pedal Go-Kart is easy to store Instructions Included, Construction will be required.The Jeep Go-Kart is the Perfect Fun Gift for your child!