Fiat Fiat 500L Ultra Slim 4GB USB

Part No: 50907534

Category: Office

MFR: Fiat

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Fiat 500L Ultra Slim 4GB USB

A must have accessory if you own a computer or laptop - the 500L Ultra Slim USB with 4GB.

Ultrathin and extremely small 500L USB in white featuring an overall print of the Fiat 500L Model Car on the front and back.

The Fiat 500L USB is made of plastic, includes a UDP micro, which is less than half the size of classic memory chips.

Capacity: 4GB.

Maximum speed: reading ± 12 MB/s, writing ± 5 MB/s.

Compatibility: functions with standard drivers for Windows ME/ 2000/ 2003/2008/ XP/ Vista/ 7, MAC OS 9.1/X and higher.

Measurements: 29x29x 2.9 mm, Gift box with transparent film. Measurements: cm 11x11