Alfa Romeo Black Ergonomic

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Black Ergonomic Alfa Romeo Logo Sports Eyewear - Multipurpose super-light eyewear, flexible frame. The perforated alloy detail at the front permits perfect aeration of the lenses, prevent them from misting up, while the Kynetium temples are made of an aerospace alloy and lend great lightness. The temple sleeves and nosepiece are ergonomic, permitting a stable, comfortable fit on the face. The absence of acute angle on the hinges and temples prevent danger and facial trauma in the event of collisions or falls, 2 antishock Megol pads inside, interchangeable lenses. Those who require corrective lenses can hook them behind the sun lenses with the practical clip-on system. Product dimensions excluding pack: 14x6 cm. Packaging description: carbon texture cardboard box with Alfa Romeo characterisation.